The bustling mercantile town of Triboar stands where the Long Road meets the Evermoor Way, due west of Yartar - its traditional rival. The town is built on flat, fertile land, with a few natural rises here and there. It is a large town with a population of around 2500. Over the centuries it has been the assembly point for human armies in response to the orc hordes from the mountains in the north along the Surbrin. Nearly half of Triboar's population lives outside the town proper, on sprawling ranches and neighboring farmsteads, most of which lie to the north or east.  

Its name is thought to reflect a traveler's tale of killing three boars on the same day. The lord protector's banner consists of three black boars on a red background.

The current lord protector of Triboar is an ex-adventurer named Darathra Shendrel. Elected by the people of Triboar to command the town militia, settle disputes, and keep the peace. She is widely regarded as a fair and clear-headed leader. Darathra enacts and modifies local laws (known as "the Lord's Decree"), which are then enforced by the Twelve-a squad of a dozen mounted warriors drawn from the militia.

Triboar is a market for the horses raised by nearby ranches. Blacksmiths, harness-makers, and wagonworks also flourish in town. In addition, a number of guides operate out of Triboar. They take merchants and other travelers all over the Sword Coast, typically for stiff fees.

Gwaeron's Slumber

Triboar is said to be the resting place of a god named Gwaeron Windstrom, the Tracker Who Never Goes Astray. He's said to sleep in this stand of trees just west of town. Rangers who venerate Mielikki often visit Gwaeron's Slumber to pray, but there's no shrine here. It's said that worshipers of Mielikki who sleep in this wood receive hints in their dreams of what the goddess wants them to do. If the worshiper isn't a ranger, the person gains a once-in-a-lifetime, day-long ability to track as a ranger does. To avoid angering Gwaeron, laws in Triboar forbid cutting any trees, and hunting in the woods. The local militia patrols the grove to prevent orcs, trolls, and other such creatures from camping there – but less intelligent monsters have never been seen in Gwaeron’s Slumber.

Notable Locations