Uthgardt Barbarians

The Uthgardt are spread across the North, rarely found farther south than the High Forest. There is no nation of Uthgardt to which they belong; instead, each tribe has a central ancestral mound, regarded as a holy site. By and large, the Uthgardt are a hunting people who rely on game for much of their sustenance, favoring large herd animals such as elk, rothe, and deer. Young men and women looking to make a name for themselves sometimes build their reputations by hunting dangerous predators and great beasts: bears, great cats, large boar, and even monsters such as wyverns, owlbears, and displacer beasts.

Some tribes put the prowess they demonstrate in hunting to good use in another endeavor, for which the Uthgardt are well known: raiding. As a rule, the Uthgardt engage in raiding only in remote areas- meaning that the closer a potential target is to civilization, the less likely it will be set upon. The raiders prefer to strike against wealthy merchant caravans and nobles’ baggage trains, which offer the likelihood of fine foods, alcohol, and jewelry that Uthgardt wear as trophies and trade among themselves. For the most part, Uthgardt have little use for coin, so travelers hoping to buy their way out of a confrontation are advised to offer something else.


  • Blue Bear. The Blue Bears have reoccupied much of their old territory in the time since they returned to prominence, though they don’t venture near Hellgate Keep, considering it a taboo place.
  • Black Lion and Red Tiger. North of Blue Bear territory, in the Glimmering Wood, is Beorunna’s Well, lies a settlement of some size that is now the home of the Black Lion tribe, and the winter home of the Red Tiger tribe.
  • Sky Pony. These are a people divided; half of the tribe has settled and built a sizable steading around the One Stone;. the other half of the tribe considers this act an insult to their totem, so they launch raids on the settlement, burning as much of it as they can and then escaping, often on pegasus-back.
  • Tree Ghost. The Tree Ghosts split off from the Blue Bears long ago and all but disappeared into the High Forest, although occasional reports reach civilization that they are still alive and can sometimes be seen clustered around the Grandfather Tree.
  • Great Worm. These Uthgardt are notoriously reclusive; it has been twenty years since the tribe has sent raiding parties out anywhere but against the orcs of the Spine Mountains.
  • Black Raven. Staunchly traditional Uthdardtists, they have been known to send raiding parties as far south as Silverymoon, but their most frequent targets are the caravans that come in and out of Mithral Hall.
  • Elk. Their tribe was shattered a handful of decades past by the forces of Mithril Hall. Though their numbers have replenished, the Elk remain mostly hunters and foragers.

Uthgardt Barbarians