Another cold, cold day...

So we killed that crazy ice witch. Not sure what she was doing there, but she certainly got in our way. Those exploding sprite-cicles weren't much fun either. 

After a quick rest, we headed out on the trail of the barbarians who made off with the dwarves. Who steals dwarves anyway? I can't imagine what they were thinking… "Oh I'd like to steal this bag of rocks with a rude disposition and bad breath and carry it for miles across a frozen wasteland." Who can say what motivates barbarians.

Despite the weather, we managed to follow the trail without too much difficulty. Between the dwarf and myself, we had little difficulty tracking them back to their home. We had a brush with some large mammoths who came thundering by, but they were fairly easy to avoid, though the little ones had some trouble getting out of the way. 

Ketra found a remorhaz lair, or perhaps I should say, it found her. It seemed like she trod right onto a snow covered tunnel which whisked her down into a sizeable cave. We didn't seem to be fairing well trying to fight the creature, so Ketra polymorphed it so we could take a moment to regroup. Some exploration revealed a nest with quite a few eggs! Finney and I were keen to collect them but Ketra made us leave all but three. Having gathered up the eggs, we prepared ourselves to finish off the remorhaz, which we were able to do using some coordinated strategy.

Eventually we found the barbarian cave, or should I say ancient dwarven halls. When we got inside we found a few different passageways. The first one we took brought us face to face with a group of nasty ice spiders! Fortunately for us, the spiders had taken one of the barbarians whom we were able to free. Once we found the barbarian hall, we offered the barbarian woman in exchange for the dwarves, which they accepted. 

After getting the dwarves back to their home or work site (I'm not even sure which), we were finally able to take a closer look at that airship and get it up and running! I've been working on some bird forms which I think might come in handy if we're going to be flying. 

I know it's going to get colder before it gets warmer, but at least there are a lot of forests here in the north. I can only hope we find more nesting creatures with eggs that can be harvested!



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