A Letter of Reunion?

Dearest Carramottin

Dearest Carramottin,

We travelled far and wide, to a temple of the giants…it was quite aweinspiring, for a race that seems so….unintelligent, they managed several marvels of architectural design, that should these people be focused upon civilization instead of war, the heights they could reach with Dwarven & Gnomish kind would be astonishing. We now go to seek a shell that will bring us into the very bowels of the Maelstrom, where we certainly do not belong but must traverse, for the world is at stake should we not succeed….mayhaps I will join you soon, if all else fails… is very cold here, I will need to remember to create a protective suit for the winter, I once saw a gnomish contraption that could fire crossbow bolts and other projectiles from its wrists, and had flying capabilities….but alas that suit was made of Iron, and the man within was a fool…I believe his name was Starkious Icaario. For now, I bid you adou, until I can write again, we must trudge through the snow and reach this Jarl before it is too late. May Glittergold Guide us.

—-Fennwick Fitzlebottom



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