Ysma's Journal of Discovery part 7

Delivery to the Dead

A Market sprung up overnight! I wandered through the stalls, looking for fun things. I found toys, clothes, gems, jewelry, food, and weapons.(not so interested in the weapons though) I found the best Unicorn! (I named her Fiona)

Ketra made plans for something, so she needed to stay and supervise, She sent us ahead to Nonar's Hold to deliver the saddles and rejoin her back at Callinghorns. Our travel was a bit difficult because of the road was not well maintained, clumps of grass pushed up through the old cobbled road and thick overgrown forest seemed to choke out the sky. Boris and Perrywinkle were very tense and skittish, and snorted with fear. The cart stopped and Rin scouted the narrow road. The darkness and rain obscured most of the overgrown forest path until we crested the hill. The forest thinned enough for us to see a light in the darkness far down the road. As we carefully traversed the wooded path, a giant wolf-like creature, Rin called it a Bloodhound of the Fey, attacked one of Rin's bear friends, the lighted ribbon floated free to the ground. Blood and fang, sword and fire, the battle was joined on that lonely stretch of rain soaked trail. The creature was overwhelmed by the party and ran off into the night.

The small village of Nonar's Hold was very dark with the only light coming from the White Hart Inn, a lone lantern hung from the frame of the door. We were met by wary villagers, defenders of the Hold. We introduced ourselves to them and were rudely questioned and then they walked away. Abgar, owner of the White Hart greeted us warmly, if a bit confused, and prepared us a few beds and a meal.

I'm awoken by a child's cry of confusion and alarm, Screams filled the night and I rushed to the sound outside of the door to our common room, a small girl was wrestling with a huge snake. I grabbed a broom and attempted to shoo the snake away, but Fenwick attacked the girl and she shifted into an undead spirit form. We then proceeded to attack her and send her back to the spirit world. the snake turned out to be Rin shifted into snake form. (I'm confused.) Things should look better in the morning.

The morning brought not much light or much revelation. We were sent to the run down manor house to meet with Amrath Mulnobar the Keeper of the Lodge, to deliver the saddles. He was a nice old dwarf in a well maintained suit. We delivered the saddles and he seemed to be happy with the delivery. We left shortly after, but the party decided to do something else. Breer took a look around the unkempt property and found a disused barn. (I have no idea what we were waiting for)

Fenwick told me that there are children's bones in the basement of the house. (we need to find them and help the children's spirits.) I went back to the house, knocked on the door, when Amrath open the door I asked him directly if there were bones of children in the basement, He told me "No" amongst spluttering and indignant bluster. I pushed my way past him to search the house for the basement stairs. After several minutes I finally found the stairs leading down and Fenwick called to me to go upstairs, I tell him that the basement is downstairs and head down to investigate. Suddenly an explosion rocked the house and I turn around and go back up. Weaving my way to the front stairs, I took them two and three at a time to the dusty 2nd floor. Fenwick was trying to open a door and then, frustrated, I watched him walk away down the hall, I continued his efforts and kept trying keys until the door unlocked. The door swept open and I strode to the other side of the room. Breer warned me just in time to avoid the ball bearings in front of the door. I let the Weave flow, while I stood among the bearings, and hammered the Undead Monster in the back with fire. The party hit him, smashed at his defenses, with a last effort he erupted in flames and righteous fury, falling to the floor in a mewling pool of smoldering undead flesh.

The Master was Dead again.



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