Ysma's Journal of Discovery part 6

Beyond the Temple

The next day a great storm began and the roads turned to rivers of mud. We trudged through until we couldn't go any further. Middle of the next day I met a dragon (this one was very nice). It was looking for a group of Zhentarim to "harass". I told it I will help look. (I have no idea what Zhentarim are, I will ask Fenwick, he is very knowledgeable)

Soon after we ran into a group of merchants heading to Yartar, wagon nearly broken, slogging through the mud. We stopped to help and get some information. Rin was given a bag of "good luck". (smells odd). We camp again in the intense storm and spend the night protected by Ketra's camping spell.

The following day it was still raining and nasty. We continued on until just before nightfall when lights appeared out of the night and attacked us. Rin recognized them as Will-o-wisps. They attacked with lightning, Fenwick saved us (and the horses) with his magic.

The day after, the rains continued until we arrived at a small village with a keep on a hill overlooking it. Music drifted down to us and with hopeful faces knocked upon the closed gates. It turns out that we found an inn that is extremely well defended called The Callinghorns.

The bar seemed lively and well appointed. With music, laughter, and rich food we thanked the patrons for their kindness.  After a warming bath, a change of clothes and a good meal the road seemed a long way off. The ale was tasty and made me whirly and warm (I like Ale). Music. Dancing. Hot skin. The night became very "Fuzzy" and sleepy. I went upstairs to bed.

My Dream that night was of mom and home all warm and cozy but was transformed into a nightmare, as an attack of two monsters, called Trolls, intruded on my peaceful home. Great hulking monsters with green rubbery skin, that healed scarily fast. They hungrily attacked the guards in the courtyard. My friends and the guards were attacking the monsters with great desperation.  Fire seemed to be the beasts great bane.

So I blew them up with fire…

The rest of my Dream was blessed darkness.

Ketra told me the next day that my nightmare was real and the inn was attacked. I was understandably upset, because I didn't remember any of my actions the night before. (I think I was naked. Ketra keeps telling me that being naked is not proper, I still don't understand.)

The lord of the keep, Lord Zoar, used his power with the Weave and restored Breer. With joyous tears and Hugs we welcomed Breer back. We were asked to investigate the reasons why the Trolls were venturing so far away from their swamps. This inn was apparently a nexus of activity as the center of travel in this area. Merchants and mercenaries, travelers resting, and pious people of faith heading to sacred destinations, stopping in their contemplations to revive the body on the quest for spiritual succor. Lord Zoar offered Ketra the use of one of his guards, named Brian. ( he was nice) We stayed an extra night and headed out the next day.

The swamps were even more horrible than we heard, the rains never stopped once, and the fog covered everything. We found nothing the first day. The fog was ever present and gloomy until we heard a low grumble in the fog. Tizzy kitty flew away to find the source of the noises. Ketra, through Tizzy, reported that a Fire Giant was bullying a group of trolls for food while it searched the swamp with the help of a magic rod, the same kind used by the Fire Giants to find the metal construct part in Triboar.

The giant walked toward us and never knew we were there when we attacked as best we could. Rin struck the first blow with an arrow to the neck but it seemed to ignore the wound. I removed Winaal from the bag an send him over to defend my friends. The giant attacked Winaal and smashed him down with cruel strokes of its sword. (horrible monster) I reach into the bag a second time and find Winaal ready to revenge itself upon the Giant. We attacked the giant with the fervor of desperation. It stepped over Winaal and walked up to me. I tried to conceal myself but luck was with the thing and it hit me hard, nearly opening me up like a fresh deer kill. Rin surrounded the Giant with thorny spikes. With slow, lumbering, painful stomps it stalked forward and struck me once again, into blackness…

I awoke to cold rain spattering my face. and Fenwick smiling down at me. The Giant was dead and Winaal still alive, I gave him a great hug, and sat up. We struck out for Callinghorns, dragging with us the heavy rod. Lord Zoar told us our debt is repaid. The rest of night is awash in drinks, food and stories of giant killers, A messenger arrived while we were out investigating the trolls. The message was from King Brunor of the Mithril Hall informing us that Frank will not be rejoining us here, on our adventures. More pressing matters of the Dwarves await his attention.  (I will miss him, we all will)



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