Ysma's Journal of Discovery part 3

Giants of Triboar

My friends and I ran across the town to confront the Fire Giants (mother said they are violent and rude) one digging in the ground the other smashing anyone that approached. Orcs and orcs on Banebreaks attack everyone, defending the town. The arrows and quarrels seem to be ineffective against the giant. Fire is useless and Frank is hurt badly by a orc riding through. I asked the Weave to help me and my friends by destroying the orc and its rider with cleansing fire, I'm blessed with fire everywhere and everything I touch. Fire, confusion, smoke, screams.

The orcs were defeated by Triboar's defenders. My friends fought off the Fire Giants and routed them. Narth Tezrin, of the Lionshield Coster, was the hero of the day by slaying the final Fire Giant with a well placed quarrel to the back of its neck (I think he's handsome as well).

We heard then, the cries of pain and loss, (I know them well) over the roar of fires. The sadness that surrounds us is almost overwhelming but I try to help as best I can by wrapping wounds and soothing the homeless. Later back at the Inn, I fall into a dreamless sleep of sadness and tiredness.

Sometime during the night my friends found a shiny piece of metal and the townsfolk are willing pay for it. Gems and gold were heaped upon us by the town.

The next day, Kalen told us that the Troll Inn had been damaged by the Giants and needs repair, I gave him the shiny "coins" I have to help him. We had so many grateful friends giving us advice and well wishes, I was overjoyed by the outpouring of feeling. (Such a wonderful place, Triboar). Ketria has befriended a wondrous creature, (by the Weave) a flying cat.

We prepared ourselves the next day to go to Yartar (sounds like an amazing place) and head away from Triboar. We met many people on the road in the days of our travels, from merchants and adventurers to mercenaries and farmers. A few miles down the road from Yartar we found a slimy "cocoon" that had something inside, a naked human male, covered in slimy, grimy water. His name was Arten Rosolio, confused and stammering he ran to the river to clean off his blistered skin. (by the Weave he is a mystery) and water seems to keep away the pain. We escorted him back home.

Yartar is tall and crowded, full of people and merchants (by the Weave, can these places get any bigger?) Dropping off Arten at his "home" he is swarmed by retainers and attention (busy, busy place). Huge house, full of finery and wealth, protected from unwanted attention.

Ketra and her Lady manners were very helpful speaking to Mayor Rosolio, of things that were quite confusing to me. Talking of missing pendants and odd magic. (more adventure!)

Exploring the city, we wander everywhere! Markets, stalls, vendors, clothing, jewelry. Ketra says we are going to dress up and go to a "Casino" (A new dress! Fantastic) Ketra tells me we are pretending that I'm her Family! (finally, a sister I never had. I'm so excited!) My pretend name is Ysmallia Von Mistenburg, 2nd cousin, from outside of Burdusk. (What fun!!) I wonder if the others are as excited to go, as I am!



Ysma's Journal of Discovery part 3

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