Breer's Journal of Daring Do - Part 5

It's the little things...

There are events that occur in your life that really make you question the choices that have lead you to where you are today.  Being turned to stone is one of those events.

I've realized that while I'm fine with my choices, I haven't really taken the time to notice my surroundings and enjoy the trip.  For example, it never occurred to me that a person transformed to stone would look the same as a statue carved from rock by hand.  What about all those statues I've walked passed on this trip?  What if some of them were like me?

Also, I never really took the time to stare at the detail around me.  I've never been great at finding traps.  I always thought it was because trap makers were really good at what they did, but now I wonder if I was just in too much of a hurry to really examine all the fine details of a door or a wall.

Found out that roasted pigeon is delicious.  I never really took the time to savor it before.

You know what else?  Swamps.  I never liked them, but today while we were waiting for a giant to walk into our ambush, I just took a moment to enjoy the foul mud as it sloshed around my toes in my boot.  It wasn't a consistent feeling, there were harder and softer bits in the slime, and there might have been a crawly bit in there as I wiggled my toes.  Made a very pleasant squishing sound too.

Yeah, encountered a giant doing giant-stuff again.  The others started talking about it but I kept my mind on important things, like how wiggling the toes of my left foot makes a slightly different sound than wiggling my toes on my right foot.



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