I Was Scared, You Were Petrified.

The Minder of A Tinkerer...The Mind of A Cleric

Oh Caramottin…It was horrible, we left Yartar and ended up finding this little old church building, it was infested with Bugbear & Goblins…we made short work of them and I found that this place had become a very deadly and potentially multi-culturially dangerous place for anyone who did not serve demons…as there were multiple summoning circles and runes in regards to them. As we delved deeper into the temple, we encountered a masked woman…a woman unlike any other I had encountered before…after a few moments a memory surfaced of a request we once had, to capture a woman with snakes for hair..this was indeed such a woman, and she was savage in her assaults. Dear Breer ended up so scared, he turned to Stone….I mean, we are both rock gnomes, but he didnt have to be literal about it. And our little friend Ace, a mercenary we took on, also met the same fate…but in the end, we did end up winning the day, at the cost of two allies…we now make our way to find an adept cleric capable of restoring them, and with luck, it will be on the cheap side….I need to lick my wounds and contemplate on the healing capacity that I must reach to be able to serve my companions better, as well as achieve our ultimate goal…fare well dear Caramottin, until my next letter.



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