Breer's Journal of Daring Do - Part 6

Just another one of our services...

Ketra, I see some of the others have already given you their report, but let me give you the executive summary:

1. We delivered the saddles.
2. The others thought the saddle buyer might be evil.
3. We killed the saddle buyer and burned down his home.

Yup, tell our client who asked us to deliver the saddles that they should take this customer off their mailing list and don't send him any catalogs.  It's just part of our stellar customer service where we deliver quality goods to every dangerous location in the land and kill whoever we find there because they're 'evil'.

Look, you should have see this town.  Dullsville, absolute dullsville.  No thieves guild, no gambling, no local arts scene.  An undead servant of Orcus and a 'Most Dangerous Prey' hunting lodge were the only tourist draws they had.  The lodge was obviously reinvesting its profits into the business, they had just bought some high quality saddles for an undead carriage.  That would be really classy to offer shuttle service between the town and the lodge.

But nope, so long destination hunting parties.  All the town has now is dead children who try to bury naive druids alive in the middle of the night.  That doesn't get the tourists there, it's a value-add.



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