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Welcome to The North! 

This is the wiki main page for our version of Storm King's Thunder and the world of Faerun (The North in particular) as it pertains to the players and our campaign.  In general, we will default to Faerun and The Forgotten Realms as to our world setting. It's a fine world! As Dungeon Master, I recommend reading about the places we plan to approach . That doesn't mean your character knows everything about that place, but as a player it'll help paint the picture in our game and keep everyone on the same page. Please let me know if here is anything you would like me to add to these pages either at a session, or 

Players:  This is a Wiki which means anyone can update or change these pages. That means you! Please update and be creative here. The more I see from you, the more I have to help the game evolve.


Our Brave Band of Adventurers:


Places & folk's we've met along the way:




Factions of the North

Order of the Gauntlet

Lords Alliance


Emerald Enclave


​​​Legends, Lore, Rumors, and Items of Interest

Uthgardt Barbarians

More Legends, Lore, Rumors and Items of Interest to be posted soon. Also, make sure you look under wiki pages for Player Secrets that will tell you information, lore, etc that your character knows. These will be updated as I add to this wiki so keep your eyes open.

Main Page