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Ysmallia Myllar
Origin Story

My mother, Alia, was taken as a slave by Drow when she was a young woman. Abused horribly, and forced into sex with the slave master just to survive, she spent months in the Underdark, and escaped with the help of a group of Adventurers hired to find them. They drove off the slavers and sealed the passage. With a scimitar and a torch in hand, she and a small group of others managed to fight their way back to the surface.

Soon after arriving at her home village, she realized that she was pregnant.

A half-breed Drow child, Me, was born under bad portent, the village was struck by a drought, so they blamed it on my birth. My mother withdrew from the village to raise her child away from the hateful eyes of the villagers.

She was constantly reminded of her ordeal in the Underdark every time she looked at me. A beautiful girl, dark gray skin. Blonde hair, nearly white. It was, my eyes/her eyes, bright blue in color, that kept her revulsion at bay. She loved me but also grew to resent me. Exile was hard.

Around my 16th birthday a group of villagers arrived at our hovel in the woods, armed with sickles and pitchforks, screaming about the worst harvest in decades. I was frightened and confused. Why were people I've never met before threatening to kill me? As I was dragged from my home, my mother, armed with the same scimitar she fought her way out of the Underdark with, attacked the villagers. She drove them back with the ferocity of a mother bear protecting her cub. Suddenly from out of the riotous mob, a stone flung with the accuracy of a hunter, struck her in the head and left her in a crumpled heap on the ground. The last I saw of my mother was of a slowly spreading pool of blood surrounding her head as the only home I had ever known was set to the torch.

Black grief fell upon me as I was marched to the village to be tried and executed as an evil blight to the survival of the community. I was locked into the root cellar of the head councilman's house, when later that night he came down to attack me, he forced me down on the dirt floor and was pulling his breeches down when I spoke my first words of power. With both of my hands on his chest, thumbs crossed, I set him and the building above alight with unrealized Magic.

Elated, scared and grieving, I escaped from my fate and have been running ever since.

Adventuring Company Rules
(Work in Progress)

1. No pillaging churches

Ysma's Journal of Discovery
The First Days

In the days after my escape from the village I wandered long and lost. I found myself in a place bigger than I've ever been before. People of all kinds looked at me. I found myself interested in a place of laughter called a "Tavern", by the locals, where I met my first friend, Ketra. She's wondrous and fun. She is the first person to help me forget what happened to my mother. She says that she is an important person called a "Lady", and the Stories she tells…

She helped me "shop" for goods. I bought an outfit not made by me or mother, and boots (not sure about those). I like her. Mother would like her too.

We went back to the tavern and Ketra started recruiting folks for what she called an "Adventuring Company". Explained it to me as living out one of her "Stories of Adventure". How exciting!

We spent all day talking to people of all types, Elves , Dwarves, Gnomes, and Humans, even one "halfling" (half of what I couldn't tell). Ketra chose four others for the company: a beweaponed  dwarf named Frank from the distant Mithril Hall: a clever gnome, quick with his fingers , named Breer; another gnome, wise and colorful, named Fenwick, mysterious; and an elf from the wildlands, wise in the secret paths of the woods, named Rin.

Ketra announced to our new companions that we have been asked to investigate a town called "Nightstone", Goblins have been attacking the town and we will drive them away. What fun!

We arrived a few days later and found the town infested with boulders, broken and deserted, except for the goblins! (little noise makers) We captured a couple of them and had them draw out the rest to be killed by the company. (I didn't realize what was involved with "driving them away" My thoughts were of shooing them out of the gates. THAT, did NOT happen). 

We met up with a human woman, Kella, whom invited her friends into the town in the middle of the night (Fenwick seemed to know them), and they all helped us fight off an invasion of Orcs. (brutes)

This was all too much for me. I needed to get away and let out the built up emotion (mother always told me to never keep any bad emotions in, hurts too much). After I had a good cry, (I felt much better) the rest of my new friends told me we were going into the hills to find the people of Nightstone. (Fenwick stayed behind to keep an eye on his friends from the Zhentarim) We traveled by horse ( I'm scared of those big animals. Maybe Rin would help me get over my fear).

We arrived at the cave the people went to and entered. Chaos erupted almost as soon as Frank stepped in. Rin called them "Ogres", two of them, were waiting for us, (gods' blood, I didn't think monsters could get any bigger) along with a few goblins. During the short fight, Franks breeches, "breeched". (I didn't know that dwarves were so "furry", everywhere!) I fixed the "breech" in the short time we had to catch our breath. (The others seemed a bit uncomfortable about his pants being opened. I don't understand why. My mother says that there is nothing wrong with being naked, clothes are protections for the skin. If you don't need protection, why wear them?) Breer decided to scout for us and we descended into another side cave that ended at a fresh water source. Suddenly we were attacked by a horrible thing Rin called a "Black Pudding" I was told later that the fire we used, worked to destroy it. (I blacked out from the pain) We rested and recovered for an hour or so. We continued to explore and found the people of Nightstone, being held against their will! Ketra used the magic to silence the survivors while keeping the bats in check. (They stink and make an awful racket if disturbed) Ketra was told that there were others, taken across the cave, and haven't been seen since. Breer started another fight with some Giant Rats and more Goblins. We captured the remaining goblins, (balancing the scales) took them back to Nightstone and set them to work repairing the town.

I found out the Lady Valrosa Nander of Nightstone had been killed in the attack on the town by "Giants" (I want to see one)  Darthag of the Lionshield Coster trading post in Nightstone was killed by Giant rats and we are to travel to Triboar which is almost 2 months journey from here to inform his Ex wife on what happened. (More adventures. How amazing!)

After three days on the road north, an adventure found us! A floating Tower! (May the Weave of Magic never run dry, a real Tower, floating on a cloud, in the sky!) We climbed nearly a thousand feet into the air, to the foot of a massive tower. There we met a True Giant named Zephyros. (The world and everything in it keeps getting bigger and bigger) He was friendly with kind blue eyes and a long white beard. He offered us a ride to Triboar cutting nearly 6 weeks off of our journey!

We are mostly left to our own devices, except Ketra, whom pesters our host for stories, (I listen in, wanting to hear more about this great world of ours) The nights are quiet, I can't hear the normal night sounds, birds, owls, bears and wolves, wind through the leaves and the sound of my mother's soft singing by the sleeping fire. (I miss her greatly) (sniff)

On the third day in this "Tower in the Sky" Zephyros had uninvited visitors. I had new understanding of the weave and used it against the new arrivals by staying "out of sight" i watched as the visitors strode into the tower and demanded an audience with Zephyros. They called themselves the "Howling Hatred", ignoring Ketra they eventually spoke with Zephyros asking what his intentions were in this area and if he was willing to join them as an ally, to destroy all of creation. (I don't like them, at all) He politely asked them to leave while he contemplated the offer they made. Before they left, peacefully, they offered Zephyros a gift, a bag of "pixie dust" (will the wonders of the Weave ever cease? I hope not!)

On the tenth day of "travel" the Tower was visited again but by a new group, nowhere near as nice, of dwarves riding, of all things, a DRAGON, a silver metallic sheen across its skin. they dismounted , turned into "smoke", and raided the tower, until they found what they were looking for, The "orb" that moves and directs this wondrous tower. Without a word to us or Zephyros the dragon attacked him and the dwarves attempted to strike down the orb which, as I learned later, kept this tower in the sky. (Strangers, at least, should identify themselves before they try to kill me and my friends) The Pixie Dust proved useful to the company by allowing them to fly. (except for me I was turned invisible, how very unfair!) I was told that the Dwarves were from Mithril Hall (Frank's Homeland) and they were tasked to destroy any "Storm Giant" flying citadels they encountered. Between Ketra and Frank, they convinced the dwarves of our hosts intentions, so they left satisfied that Zephyros, would honor his word of nonaggression against the Sword Coast.

Zephyros, told us, that because of the events of the last several days, he would drop us a few miles away from the city of Triboar so he would not cause any more confusion and misunderstanding. We agreed, and he deposited us a few miles away from the city walls.

The Mind of A Tinkerer
Fennwick's Journal

Journal entry 1 -

Ah sweet Caramottin, I began this journey trying to get vengeance…but I have found my gnomish mind wandering as of late, these companions of mine are a mixture of strange and stranger…many taller, and yet, I find myself wanting to keep them safe despite my own desires, it is a strange thing this, instead of wandering off with the Zhentarim as I planned, I have stuck by their side and fought many battles already, yet what can I do but think of that hoverdisk I have been working on for ages, I simply cannot imagine these old bones walking for yalms and malms more, but I shall do as I must to keep these folks safe….perhaps some day you will read this, and I will have completed my disk at last….for now, I must return to tinkering while the rest of my companions slumber.


I will love you always Caramottin…even if you no longer care for me.

Breer's Journal of Daring Do
My Journey to Greatness Begins

I got my first real job after leaving Westgate.  This noble woman with a really long name was putting together a group to travel to Nightstone.  It was a pretty weird group: the long named woman was a bard (thought musicians were supposed to have short names like Schling or Cher), a dwarf ('nuff said), another gnome tinkerer (but he seemed a little sketchy), an elf druid (talks to the animals most of the time), and a half-Drow (with about as much sense as a pile of rocks).  But, I figured I'd look even better by comparison to these walking targets, so I signed on.

Good thing I found them or they would have been in deep trouble. Because when we arrived at Nightstone, it looked like someone dropped a bunch of boulders on it, and goblins were busy ransacking the town.  I made pretty quick work of clearing the town though.  Turns out, the goblins had kidnapped all the townspeople too.

And then a bunch of Zhentarim showed up in the middle of the night, and it turns out the gnome, Fennwick, was also in the Zhentarim.  No wonder he seemed strange.  The next day, a giant horde of orcs charged the city, I bet it probably had something to do with the group of Zhentarim soldiers.  I was busy trying to organize a defense and set some traps because I knew there was no way the others could fight them off, but the Zhentarim soldiers were decent fighters and managed to take out most of the orcs just as they were about to meet their demise in jaws of my traps.


The Ballad of Nightstone - Part One

O Milil, true left hand of Oghma wise,

Give favor to this tale true,

Of woe-besieged Nightstone town!


'Gainst the eaves of Ardeep's leaves,

Nightstone rose 'round dark obsidian;

From keep on high the Lady Nandar ruled,

Noble of name and soul, weep she did,

For goblins, craven and cunning alike,

Did harry the stout folk of her Nightstone.


Sagely Lady of the ebon stone,

She sounded forth a cry sent wide,

Calling those both brave and true.

Six did hark to Nandar's plight;

Now hear of these adventurers bold!


Crafty Breer, quick of finger and of blade;

Faithful Fennwick, chosen by the Sparkling Wit;

Stalwart Frank, warrior sworn to deep Mithril Hall;

Wild Rin, kith to all that flies or stalks or swims;

Innocent Ysmallia, wide-eyed and otherworldly;

Last, lovely Lady Ketriana, silver-tongued and clever.


'Tward Nightstone village northward bound,

Yea! Greater calamity upon Nightstone fell!

Fell stone fallen from bright skies so blue,

In fright the folk did flee their home.

Fled they to hill and dampest cave,

Where they knew not the goblins laired!


'Twas thus the adventurers came to town,

Empty but for rabid goblin fiends.

Great battle raged through temple and green,

Stout Frank did take a goblin's head;

Tumbled from its shoulders to wet the earth with blood.


Sorcerous Ysma brought many to their knees;

They fell before her call to dreams and sleep.

When quiet came again to Nightstone fair,

Among the rubble a fair maid was found.

Half-elven lady of darkened hope.


Though lovely, this maid proved false,

Against her rescuers she turned;

Knavish counselors she called forth,

Rapacious Zhent to Nightstone came.

Greed lay within their blackened hearts,

They sought to usurp dear Nightstone's heart.


Though clever Ketriana bound their desire,

Words and ink their ambitions checked by law.

Then into Nightstone town they came;

Serpents Seven, foul ophidian all.


Upon the dawn, foul bedfellows allies made;

War horns of orcs called with the morn,

Most desperate a horde charged forth;

Upon Nightstone's walls their ranks did break.

The faith of Fennwick and lo!

The magic of Ysma, did slay the orcish general.


Though the second orc did take his general's horn;

The troops he rallied and they marched forth.

Down fell Nightstone's drawbridge,

And cross the moat the orc scourge ran.


Within the gates of Nightstone town,

The last orcs fell to spells and blades.

The town of Nightstone, she was saved;

Though her folk still were scattered and enslaved.

No rest, our heroes did swear,

Before they returned the stout village folk.

The Mind of A Tinkerer
Journal Entry 2

This town of Triboar is quite interesting, a town full of travelers and the community that lives here all seen to hate the Lionshare Coster. On an investigation we found a rather obnoxious and unkind dwarf that owns a smithy known as Foehammers Forge, he created a grappling hook for a thief..and preceded to threaten us with the owners attention. Apparently that same night, someone burgled the forge…what a mess. I made Ysma a clockwork unicorn, she reminds me of our little Aldina…I miss her, and you my Caramottin. I pray to Garl things are done quickly so I may return to the emporium and run it without fear of insurance collectors. We leave for Silverymoon soon. I shall continue this journal as best I can.

Odes to Frank's Split Pants

The stout dwarves of Mithril Hall,
Are always quite good in a brawl,
But don’t let their pants split,
Or you’ll take a bad hit,
From the sight of a hammer so small!

Once in the midst of a fight,
I saw such a horrible sight!
Worse than any bugbear 
Was dwarven butt hair,
That set friend and foe to flight!

Ysma's Journal of Discovery Part 2

Triboar is wondrous, filled with people, life and things, (Oh the things, and the smells) I went shopping again, this time with Fenwick. He's a nice fellow with kindly, and wise eyes. (He's not scary at all) I found a gnomish "Music Box". It played my favorite lullaby (By the Weave that box must be magic. My mother sang it to me many years ago. How did it know? I miss her so) I needed new clothes so bought a set of new traveling clothes and a several beautiful dresses. (The colors are amazing!) This place is busy and loud. (Bangs and shouts all the time)

Ketra and Rin told us that we have new adventures awaiting us and we will help people in the process. Fenwick, Breer and Rin went to find a thief. Ketra, Frank and I went to talk to a Priest of Helm about a missing brother. (I changed into my new dress and people liked it too. They threw silver coins.)

The "Talking Troll" was an odd place called a "dive bar" (messy place, needs a bit of repair. Nice man that runs it, Kalen wants to turn it into a "theater"), and met a rather smelly, drunk, priest. He told us that Helm spoke to him and sent a message to the brothers that were looking for their missing brother, Mirrick. The message was that Mirrick, was still in town "buried but not beneath ground" He told us this between pints of "ale". (Tastes nasty but makes me feel twirly. I like "ale") We ended up at the "North Shield Inn" and questioned the owner Olga. She said that Mirrick was married but madly in love with her and then disappeared. Deciding that it was too late to continue, we rented rooms and food for the night. The rest of the night seemed very fuzzy, twirly and hot. (Weave be praised, no nightmares!)

The day began with food and friends, ready for more adventure. A theft in the middle of the night was the talk of the town this morning. We went to talk to Mirrick's wife, Tomara, who owns the "6 Windows Boarding House" (That poor woman) she wasn't making any sense and told us about her husband sleeping in the attic. We spoke to the local Constables and had them search the 6 Windows. Her husband was a skeleton in a box in the attic. Tomara was arguing with the box as it and she was taken out of the building. (Very sad, she lost her mind after she killed her husband)

We met up with Rin, Breer, and Fenwick as they were headed to the "Talking Troll". Ketra told me that Kalen was a bad man and we are to confront him for making another person steal for him. Kalen admitted that he committed this act and Breer made a deal with Kalen for a partnership in his "Theater". He gave us two magic bags for our silence. (Wondrous Weave, the gifts we receive) I'm confused about deceiving people but I guess there is a reason for it, Ketra will explain soon enough.

As the night descended upon Triboar our party was taking a late meal at the Inn, Fenwick gave to me a magical Unicorn (It Is Amazing! I Love It!) when the Town was attacked by Monsters of Fire and Hate (Breer called them Magmen and Orogs) The Magmen, under the directions of the Orogs, attacked the buildings, setting them alight. The town was in a panic, but heroes came out to defend Triboar. Fire and screams brought tears to my eyes (so many frightened people) but I could see my friends defending and fighting, Rin and his wolven call, helped stop the spread of the flames but at the cost of so many noble creatures (makes me sad to think about it). Frank bravely charging the biggest of the beasts (orogs both). Breer, bolts and blades flashing in the light of the fires. Fenwick, using Faith to disrupt and confuse the monsters (so clever).

I felt the Weave call for Fire against the Orogs. (the Magmen were born of fire, silly to use it against them) The Weave was strong this evening and boulders of fire were called and they answered with greedy destruction. I saw one of those horrible Magmen running for the Inn, where my fantastic, and well loved, gift was defenseless against any fires cruelly set. I shooed it away from the building in my strongest tone and it dissolved at my words. (Ketra was right, words are very powerful). With the last of the Magmen destroyed and fires contained, we could hear the terrified screams of more people and the call of "Giant" being cast on the wind.


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