Ysma's Journal of Discovery Part 5
On the road to delivery

Lady Rosolio was very kind to us when we brought back the nobles and her necklace, and she gave us treasure! Frank had a quiet conversation with Lady Rosolio and he had to excuse himself and told us that he would join us later. My friends gave me a gift; the Bag of Tricks.(I'm going to call it The Bag of Friendly Animals) Ketra met with someone named "Hireling". She called herself Ace.

We left Yartar to go deliver the saddles from Triboar. a few days later we were stopped on the road by a group of goblins asking for tolls from us. They attacked Ketra, so I blew them up! Apparently they had a hill giant friend named Gaah. Blubbery and foul, it charged at us. Breer brought it down with an arrow, and it skidded to a stop in front of us. A lone goblin ran away. Rin caught up quickly and brought it down with a single well placed arrow.

I decided to feed some of my friends, so Braydaal, Woofasil, and Yawnee stayed with the cart and horses and fed upon the giant. We went up the trail to investigate. a small jumbled campsite where the goblins and giant divided the spoils of their business. Rin left to find out where the trail went to. We followed behind at a good distance and caught up very quickly. We saw an ancient ruin with a set of giant doors set into a stone frame. We decided to go inside and explore. (What fun!)

Inside, we found what looked like an entryway to an ancient temple, with a dagger in red paint inscribed on the floor. There were a few goblins and a bugbear in residence. Breer sent in a friend he made, and it exploded in a flash of light. My friends ran in and slaughtered the goblins with little resistance. More bugbears flooded in from another part of the temple and were overcome by my friends and fire.

After checking the rest of the ruins we came across a barricaded door at the bottom of a set of stairs. We cleared away the piled boxes and other debris to reveal a set of double doors leading into the oldest part of the temple. Breer decided to inspect and open the door, he was hit with a bolt of lightning. (Magical traps are a thing I'm told) We decided to open the door anyway.(curiosity was overwhelming) The door revealed a darkened room lit by braziers, featured with wide pillars and unmoving shadowy figures. One shadow stepped out from a side alcove in the room and shot at Breer.

I blew up the room.

The party ran into the room to confront the Unknown person. With a growing sense of dread, we discovered that the person we defended ourselves against was a Medusa, hair of writhing serpents and powerful. With a baleful gaze, full of hate, she turned Breer and Ace to stone.

She tried to negotiate for her life, but I needed her to be punished for hurting my Family. We soon overcame her and stood over her lifeless body. I've been crying for hours over the loss of my friend Breer, but Fenwick said there were ways to restore him. (The Weave be praised) We gathered up what things we could and prepared to move along.

Breer's Journal of Daring Do - Part 4

Statue of Breer (not actual size)

Missing A Wife
Mind of a Tinkerer Part 4

Ah Caramottin, if only you could have seen Breer in your dress, modified for stealth and arsenal both…he looked as charming as a gnomish bard at Tinkerfest! After he left with the rest of the crew, I went out in search of information, as well as assistance….It was a long night, but at last the boat docked and I followed Ketra, Rin, and a strange man with a woman in a purple gown. I made her a very kind offer that she just couldnt refuse, and she became my friend for a time. We found the cause of this towns troubles, or at least, the most evident ones. It was a strange journey down the sewers, and many many fish folk perished in the name of Garl Glittergold. Ah, this mucus is irritating, I need to finish combing through here to find evidence of that damned owner of the boat having a connection with this monstrosity. I will write more soon Cara…as always, I love you…I hope you can forgive this old gnome some day.

Breer's Journal of Daring Do - Part 3
Now that's how we do it in Westgate

Well, I may not be able to pass as my sister, but I don't doubt that the Grand Dame's security chief doesn't doubt that I'm a master thief.

Sure, it would could have been a really good haul if I had figured out a way to cash in the Grand Dame chips I had lifted from the clueless passengers (I've still got the touch), but the look on the Captain's face was priceless when I tossed him the sack full of his patrons' money. 

My older brother Seer always talked about going legit, I should write him a letter and tell him about a security consulting opportunity for him on the Grand Dame. 

The two tall escorts who walked me out seemed quite impressed with my swagger.  Duana, the buxom redhead, even told me she had a thing for gnomes.  If we stay in Yartar for much longer, I might need to track her down for a drink.  She'll probably be really impressed when I tell her about the fight with Oosith.

But maybe I should wait until I have all my gear and clothes laundered…twice.




Rin's thoughts [post casino]

Well, that actually went better than expected. Maybe I'll get my first positive performance review from the boss. I still don't get the whole casino thing. It was like going to a store and spending all my money, then coming away without having acquired any goods! What passes for entertainment in human communities I may never understand. 

We did obtain our objective at least. The half-elf woman was most helpful in leading us to her master, Oosith. I have never seen such an abomination to nature in my brief life! Like an angler fish spawned by demons out of the nine hells, it was! I will admit there were moments when I doubted that we would prevail against such a spawn of the hells. After an uncounted number of minutes which seemed like long hours, our combined efforts finally chased the last spark of life from its evil, writhing form.

Our company suffered no casualties, but I fear our dwarven friend may be suffering from the same malady that befell poor Arten! It is not a disease I am familiar with, yet my instincts as a healer tell me he is showing similar symptoms. We must find a way to heal him before we leave town, if indeed we are nearing the end of our stay in Yartar. Perhaps the clerics who are caring for Arten have made progress in brining him back to his former health and can help us, too.

Ysma's Journal of Discovery part 4
Of Casinos and Sewers

Ketra keeps trying to teach me about "manners", in preparation for the "high class" casino. (the boat wasn't that tall)  I don't understand any of it, at all. (three forks on the right of the big plate but not to the left of the small plate unless there is a glass of wine. What!?!?) Ketra gives up and lets me know that this job is too important and Noble for me to go,(Oh Poo) so I spend time with Breer and go to a place called "The Coin Toss" he tells me that he plays games of chance for fun and gaining information to help us. I watched him play and ask questions. I ordered ale and the cup seemed to always be full. I felt a little whirly. Breer got bored and we went to another tavern and Breer found a new friend, "Scimitar Sally". She was nice and listened to my story of adventures I've had with Breer and my friends. The tavern had an everfull tankard as well. Everything seemed whirly, Sally was whirly too, and brushed my hair like my mother did. I like her. Breer said we needed to go home and asked me to tell Ketra, before I went to sleep, what happened. I told her everything then I fell asleep, whirly and warm.

Next day we go to the tailor and have dresses/clothes made. Ketra wants me to pretend that I don't know her or Frank at the Casino.(I get to go!) Rin is my escort for the party, I'm supposed to stay with him. As a present for being helpful Ketra bought me a beautiful necklace. (I will wear it always).

The time comes for us to go to the "Grand Dame" casino. (Rin looked so handsome) The boat was huge with tables covered in games, Tables covered in food. The people dressed in grand finery, and there is a champagne toast (a drink that makes my nose twitch, but in a good way) the night flowed on, like the wine, and the talk (oh the talk) was way over my understanding. My glass seemed to be another glass of never ending drink. (I like champagne, no upsy, whirlys) Beautiful music, beautiful people and dancing, like ethereal butterflies floating on the breeze.(by the Weave, magic to be sure) Rin decided to play a game based on my elven people (drow) called Sava. I learned how to play the game Breer played at "the coin flip" (I WON) After the night was over, we followed a woman, Katora, with a young man and they disappeared into the "sewer", and Fenwick came back with her, she had a story about and evil sorcerer named Lord Useth taking young rich men. (something about taking over Yartar and Fish People) (Yartar Sauce, HA)

We took Katora to the Waterbaron to have her tell her story. The Lady Rosolio, asked us to find Lord Useth and bring him to answer for the kidnapping of nobility. We go back to the Inn and change so we can go Adventuring! Back to the entrance to the sewers and underground we go.

The "sewers" are disgusting. Gross water, smelly, dark, odd things floating. (eww) Suddenly the water churned with movement and what looked like fish people drew themselves out of the murky water. Within seconds they were overwhelmed by us. One survived and took us to a room with Lord Useth. A voice spoke to us in our minds and asked us to step into the "office". It then spoke to me and asked about my Family and my place, I told  the voice that I had my family surrounding me now. Ketra stepped forward to meet the Voice. From the depths of the cistern a horrifying monstrosity leapt into the air, tentacles flailing.(I was told later that it was an abhorrent thing called an Abbloleth) It attacked everyone relentlessly. Chaos and screams, Blood and water. The water rising and drowning, then the water stopped and receded. The monstrosity began to fight on the defensive and it died in a explosion of flesh and mucus. (I Hate Sewers, so smelly and gross. It's going to take hours to get the smell out of my hair) We discovered a room with loot and people chained up, apparently they were nobles, kidnapped and held hostage.

The Giants Came to Triboar
(A Tavern Song)

O sit your seats and drink your beers

For I've a tale to tell!

'Twas even when we saw the glow

Of fire so bright and red

Shining high above the town

Were the flames of a giant's head!


O the giants came to Triboar

Off by the Evermoor Way

The giants came to Triboar town

But they did not leave that day!


O-rogs and Orcs they brought along

To aid their horrid plots

They set their fires all about

To burn the townsfolk out.


O the giants came to Triboar

Off by the Evermoor Way

The giants came to Triboar town

But they did not leave that day!


No vict'ry did they find in town

But steel and spells they met

For heroes call dear Triboar home

No villain should forget!


O the giants came to Triboar

Off by the Evermoor Way

The giants came to Triboar town

But they did not leave that day!

No they did not leave that day!

Breer's Journal of Daring Do - Part 2
Narth is the big hero? This is Gnomish discrimination!

I can't believe I trusted Narth.  I was the one who said he should come with me to flank those Giants.  I was the one who kept him covered when he kept missing while trying to fight those orcs.  I was the one who bravely put myself in the path of the last Giant as it tried to escape.  And what do I get for all my hard work?

Trampled into the ground, and Narth gets congratulated because he shot a Fire Giant in the back.  Big hero.

We did get a minor payday at least from selling off this giant hunk of metal the giants were trying to dig up.  But most of my cut went to repair the Troll's Inn.  Veer always told me never to trust actors, guess that's one more piece of advice I should have listened to.

We travelled to Yartar, a large city with some actual money in it.  There's a mostly female thieves guild working here called the Hand of Yartar.  Don't know how they'd react to me doing a little freelance work.  And what Ketriana doesn't know won't hurt her, and as long as that other gnome doesn't tag along and nearly get us caught again, she will never know.

Turns out that Goben Wobblecog has a booth in Yartar, my brother Peer, the big tinkerer in the family, will be so jealous when he sees my autographed copy of Wobblecog's book.  Took the opportunity to load up on parts to make some 'party favors'.

Probably going to need them soon.  We're infiltrating the Great Dame casino boat to gather intel.  I hope to make contact with the thieves guild, so I'm going to dress up and pretend to be my older sister Mir, a thief in the Night Masks.  That will show her what happens when she makes me wear one of her dresses so she can alter it!

Somehow, I think by the end of the night, the Great Dame will be an empty hull burning at the waterfront if this plan goes about as well as our other plans.

Rin's thoughts

New towns, new towns! How I love to visit a new town! It's nice to have some peaceful respite after dealing with giants and orcs.

Poor Arten! Hopefully we can find out what happened to him and by whom. I've never seen anything like it! It looks like we have a couple of likely options for beginning our investigations. If our leads run dry, I might try and get some information from the local Harper's safe house, if I can find it, that is. . .I should also try and seek out this Dral fellow in Everlund. But that may not help us in any of our immediate endeavors. I'll try to find some time for that when I can. Maybe I'll see what Ketra thinks about it.

I hear they have some kind of menagerie. I'll have to check that out while we're here. I'd love to learn some new skin forms if they have anything exotic I haven't seen before. 

This floating casino seems like a puzzling enigma. I do not quite understand the purpose, but it could have some interesting significance. Many of the locals display subtle, yet noticeable trance-like shifts in mood when talking about experiencing this casino phenomenon.

We've only just arrived and already it seems like there may be much for us to do here. I hope we don't get tied down too long. The vast expanses of the northern wilds call to me…

The Mind of A Tinkerer part 3
Fennwicks Journal, Entry 3

After making the unicorn for Ysma, we were set upon by fire mephits and orok's, we managed to deal with them in short order, only to find out it was a distraction and had to go deal with Fire Giants…Fire…Giants…they were SO BIG! It was absolutely astonishing, but, my faith in Glittergold held strong as I took a look around, this monstrosity with an orc on its back came charging at me, only to have His holy light blast him straight in the face, blowing the Banebreak to pieces and killing the orc in the was quite amazing and gave me some idea's to tinker with. We rested after helping out the town, and sold a huge chunk of metal and some other things. We arrived in Yartar after a relatively uneventful travel, we did happen upon a man with some strange ailment named Arten, and will be investigating where his family symbol has gone off to. The First step is to check out a casino boat, the rest of the party will be going there while I look into…alternative Avenue's. Dressing Breer up as a female is going to be greatly amusing, he is a young, very calculating gnome, and I watch him closely, it is strange to want to impress such a man, but, I do, I suppose its because there are not that many gnomes around these parts that I have run into. Anyway….I wish you were here Caramottin, I miss you….maybe one day, I will have you back in my life…after I have righted the wrongs that I have done to us with my affiliations…the emporium was our dream, and I ruined that. I'm sorry.


OH! I met with the glorious inventor and author Wobblecog in Yartar, I purchased a few bags and had him sign my book, I saw Breer there as well…a mutual fan, but then again, Wobblecog is one of the forefront's of the tinkering community. Anyway…I need to start getting ready to dress up Breer and head out into the city.


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