The Giants Came to Triboar
(A Tavern Song)

O sit your seats and drink your beers

For I've a tale to tell!

'Twas even when we saw the glow

Of fire so bright and red

Shining high above the town

Were the flames of a giant's head!


O the giants came to Triboar

Off by the Evermoor Way

The giants came to Triboar town

But they did not leave that day!


O-rogs and Orcs they brought along

To aid their horrid plots

They set their fires all about

To burn the townsfolk out.


O the giants came to Triboar

Off by the Evermoor Way

The giants came to Triboar town

But they did not leave that day!


No vict'ry did they find in town

But steel and spells they met

For heroes call dear Triboar home

No villain should forget!


O the giants came to Triboar

Off by the Evermoor Way

The giants came to Triboar town

But they did not leave that day!

No they did not leave that day!

Breer's Journal of Daring Do - Part 2
Narth is the big hero? This is Gnomish discrimination!

I can't believe I trusted Narth.  I was the one who said he should come with me to flank those Giants.  I was the one who kept him covered when he kept missing while trying to fight those orcs.  I was the one who bravely put myself in the path of the last Giant as it tried to escape.  And what do I get for all my hard work?

Trampled into the ground, and Narth gets congratulated because he shot a Fire Giant in the back.  Big hero.

We did get a minor payday at least from selling off this giant hunk of metal the giants were trying to dig up.  But most of my cut went to repair the Troll's Inn.  Veer always told me never to trust actors, guess that's one more piece of advice I should have listened to.

We travelled to Yartar, a large city with some actual money in it.  There's a mostly female thieves guild working here called the Hand of Yartar.  Don't know how they'd react to me doing a little freelance work.  And what Ketriana doesn't know won't hurt her, and as long as that other gnome doesn't tag along and nearly get us caught again, she will never know.

Turns out that Goben Wobblecog has a booth in Yartar, my brother Peer, the big tinkerer in the family, will be so jealous when he sees my autographed copy of Wobblecog's book.  Took the opportunity to load up on parts to make some 'party favors'.

Probably going to need them soon.  We're infiltrating the Great Dame casino boat to gather intel.  I hope to make contact with the thieves guild, so I'm going to dress up and pretend to be my older sister Mir, a thief in the Night Masks.  That will show her what happens when she makes me wear one of her dresses so she can alter it!

Somehow, I think by the end of the night, the Great Dame will be an empty hull burning at the waterfront if this plan goes about as well as our other plans.

Rin's thoughts

New towns, new towns! How I love to visit a new town! It's nice to have some peaceful respite after dealing with giants and orcs.

Poor Arten! Hopefully we can find out what happened to him and by whom. I've never seen anything like it! It looks like we have a couple of likely options for beginning our investigations. If our leads run dry, I might try and get some information from the local Harper's safe house, if I can find it, that is. . .I should also try and seek out this Dral fellow in Everlund. But that may not help us in any of our immediate endeavors. I'll try to find some time for that when I can. Maybe I'll see what Ketra thinks about it.

I hear they have some kind of menagerie. I'll have to check that out while we're here. I'd love to learn some new skin forms if they have anything exotic I haven't seen before. 

This floating casino seems like a puzzling enigma. I do not quite understand the purpose, but it could have some interesting significance. Many of the locals display subtle, yet noticeable trance-like shifts in mood when talking about experiencing this casino phenomenon.

We've only just arrived and already it seems like there may be much for us to do here. I hope we don't get tied down too long. The vast expanses of the northern wilds call to me…

The Mind of A Tinkerer part 3
Fennwicks Journal, Entry 3

After making the unicorn for Ysma, we were set upon by fire mephits and orok's, we managed to deal with them in short order, only to find out it was a distraction and had to go deal with Fire Giants…Fire…Giants…they were SO BIG! It was absolutely astonishing, but, my faith in Glittergold held strong as I took a look around, this monstrosity with an orc on its back came charging at me, only to have His holy light blast him straight in the face, blowing the Banebreak to pieces and killing the orc in the was quite amazing and gave me some idea's to tinker with. We rested after helping out the town, and sold a huge chunk of metal and some other things. We arrived in Yartar after a relatively uneventful travel, we did happen upon a man with some strange ailment named Arten, and will be investigating where his family symbol has gone off to. The First step is to check out a casino boat, the rest of the party will be going there while I look into…alternative Avenue's. Dressing Breer up as a female is going to be greatly amusing, he is a young, very calculating gnome, and I watch him closely, it is strange to want to impress such a man, but, I do, I suppose its because there are not that many gnomes around these parts that I have run into. Anyway….I wish you were here Caramottin, I miss you….maybe one day, I will have you back in my life…after I have righted the wrongs that I have done to us with my affiliations…the emporium was our dream, and I ruined that. I'm sorry.


OH! I met with the glorious inventor and author Wobblecog in Yartar, I purchased a few bags and had him sign my book, I saw Breer there as well…a mutual fan, but then again, Wobblecog is one of the forefront's of the tinkering community. Anyway…I need to start getting ready to dress up Breer and head out into the city.

Oh Gnome You Didn't!!
Breer and Fennwick Learn New Tinkering SKILLZ

While Ketra an Ysma freshen up, and Frank polishes his armor, in the bustling marketplace of Yartar, Breer and Fennwick find so many wonderful things to see, touch, eat, and steal. The day gets even more exciting when they discover one merchant booth is occupied by none other than famous rock gnome inventor and author Goben Wobblecog.  Both Breer and Fennwick: His best selling book 'Gnome Means Yes' was a major influence in your life as a young gnome and inspired you to be come the rock gnome you are today. After autographing the copies that any gnome would obviously never leave home without, he shows you his booth where he sells many useful doodads and gizmos. Stuff most big folk wouldn't understand. He shows you three new things that you can now make with you tinkerer trait using a kit that he callis the 'Wobblecog's Bag of Chingaderas'. The bags each sell for 15 gp and weigh 1 lb. Within each bag are just enough ​​​​​dohickeyss and wizbangs to make ONE of the devices below. Let me know how many 'kits' you wish to purchase at the beginning of the next game or any time you are in Yartar. These parts are rare. You will have to search to find more in other big cities. Most lesser markets probably wouldn't have any at all. Parts are not salvagable or usable for anything else but to make the three items below.

You may spend 1 hour and the contents of a 'Wobblecog's Bag of Chingaderas' to create one of the following additional devices. These devices follow the same rules and have the same traits as the Tinker devices (Tiny clockwork device, AC 5, 1 hp). If a device has an ability that requires a saving throw, the DC is equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your intelligence modifier.

  • Arsonists Friend: A small brass rod with a slit at the top and a button on the side. When the button on the device is pushed, roll 1d6. On an even roll the device produces a miniature flame, which you can use to light a small fire, such as a candle, torch, or campfire. On an odd roll, the device shoots out a burst of flame. The creature may make an attack roll using its Dexterity modifier. On a hit, the device deals 1d8 fire damage to one creature within 15 feet of the user. On a roll of 1, the device also explodes, causing 1d8 Fire damage to the user. Using the device requires an action.
  • Blast Orb: The device is a small brass orb that makes a ticking sound once a small button on the top is pressed. A creature may press the button and throw the orb as an action. At the beginning of the next turn of the creature that activated the orb (about 6 seconds later), the device explodes in a sphere 10 feet in diameter centered on the device. Creatures in the radius must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failure, the creature takes 2d8 fire damage, or half as much on a success. If the device is destroyed in another way, nothing happens.
  • Bomb Boy: A clockwork tiny construct that is in the form of a gnome. When placed on the ground, the toy moves 5 feet across the ground on each of your turns in the direction it is faced making a loud wailing sound as it walks. When it is picked up or destroyed, the object explodes with a flash of light. Creatures within 15 feet of it must make a Constitution saving throw or be blinded for a minute. The creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of it turns, ending the blindness on a success.
Ysma's Journal of Discovery part 3
Giants of Triboar

My friends and I ran across the town to confront the Fire Giants (mother said they are violent and rude) one digging in the ground the other smashing anyone that approached. Orcs and orcs on Banebreaks attack everyone, defending the town. The arrows and quarrels seem to be ineffective against the giant. Fire is useless and Frank is hurt badly by a orc riding through. I asked the Weave to help me and my friends by destroying the orc and its rider with cleansing fire, I'm blessed with fire everywhere and everything I touch. Fire, confusion, smoke, screams.

The orcs were defeated by Triboar's defenders. My friends fought off the Fire Giants and routed them. Narth Tezrin, of the Lionshield Coster, was the hero of the day by slaying the final Fire Giant with a well placed quarrel to the back of its neck (I think he's handsome as well).

We heard then, the cries of pain and loss, (I know them well) over the roar of fires. The sadness that surrounds us is almost overwhelming but I try to help as best I can by wrapping wounds and soothing the homeless. Later back at the Inn, I fall into a dreamless sleep of sadness and tiredness.

Sometime during the night my friends found a shiny piece of metal and the townsfolk are willing pay for it. Gems and gold were heaped upon us by the town.

The next day, Kalen told us that the Troll Inn had been damaged by the Giants and needs repair, I gave him the shiny "coins" I have to help him. We had so many grateful friends giving us advice and well wishes, I was overjoyed by the outpouring of feeling. (Such a wonderful place, Triboar). Ketria has befriended a wondrous creature, (by the Weave) a flying cat.

We prepared ourselves the next day to go to Yartar (sounds like an amazing place) and head away from Triboar. We met many people on the road in the days of our travels, from merchants and adventurers to mercenaries and farmers. A few miles down the road from Yartar we found a slimy "cocoon" that had something inside, a naked human male, covered in slimy, grimy water. His name was Arten Rosolio, confused and stammering he ran to the river to clean off his blistered skin. (by the Weave he is a mystery) and water seems to keep away the pain. We escorted him back home.

Yartar is tall and crowded, full of people and merchants (by the Weave, can these places get any bigger?) Dropping off Arten at his "home" he is swarmed by retainers and attention (busy, busy place). Huge house, full of finery and wealth, protected from unwanted attention.

Ketra and her Lady manners were very helpful speaking to Mayor Rosolio, of things that were quite confusing to me. Talking of missing pendants and odd magic. (more adventure!)

Exploring the city, we wander everywhere! Markets, stalls, vendors, clothing, jewelry. Ketra says we are going to dress up and go to a "Casino" (A new dress! Fantastic) Ketra tells me we are pretending that I'm her Family! (finally, a sister I never had. I'm so excited!) My pretend name is Ysmallia Von Mistenburg, 2nd cousin, from outside of Burdusk. (What fun!!) I wonder if the others are as excited to go, as I am!

Rumors on the edge of civilization

The North is quite different from many places on Faerun. Besides a few of established cities, most towns and villages would be considered "settlements" and uncivilized by southern standards. While many of these attempts at culture exist in a state of political hostility between The Lords Alliance and The Zentherim who favor threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare, others prefer to be left alone, viewing the leaders of these factions a threat to the independence and prosperity of it's citizens. And only a fool would ignore the numerous barbarian tribes that roam the wilderness, viewing all civilization as an intrusion of their territory and an obvious target for raiding and war.

As you travel through the Savage Frontier, there will always be side quests, jobs offered by local merchants and governments' Even those places "protected" by the Alliance or the Black Network, often as not, hold a military consisting only of a poorly trained locals. Make sure you check the postings at the local constables office and other places where you can find those looking for the help of mercenaries. Even in the North, favor and renown can benefit an ambitions group of adventurers. 

Finally, be aware here are also uncountable rumors, legends, and general gossip floating about the taverns that attract adventurers and merchants looking to recuperate from their travels. If you're looking for the real secrets of these lands, a personable conversation or a round of drinks might gain your company important information of what lies just down the road, or even a location of a lost Dwarven mine or a shrine to a forgotten god. Even the deeds of your adventuring company are sure reach the ears of the patrons. No, not everything you hear will be fact. Nor will every quest will take you closer to your ultimate goals. Some might even get you in trouble.  Yet, others promise to lead to the brave to glory, riches, and legendary magic.

Happy Adventuring! – DM Russ

Ysma's Journal of Discovery Part 2

Triboar is wondrous, filled with people, life and things, (Oh the things, and the smells) I went shopping again, this time with Fenwick. He's a nice fellow with kindly, and wise eyes. (He's not scary at all) I found a gnomish "Music Box". It played my favorite lullaby (By the Weave that box must be magic. My mother sang it to me many years ago. How did it know? I miss her so) I needed new clothes so bought a set of new traveling clothes and a several beautiful dresses. (The colors are amazing!) This place is busy and loud. (Bangs and shouts all the time)

Ketra and Rin told us that we have new adventures awaiting us and we will help people in the process. Fenwick, Breer and Rin went to find a thief. Ketra, Frank and I went to talk to a Priest of Helm about a missing brother. (I changed into my new dress and people liked it too. They threw silver coins.)

The "Talking Troll" was an odd place called a "dive bar" (messy place, needs a bit of repair. Nice man that runs it, Kalen wants to turn it into a "theater"), and met a rather smelly, drunk, priest. He told us that Helm spoke to him and sent a message to the brothers that were looking for their missing brother, Mirrick. The message was that Mirrick, was still in town "buried but not beneath ground" He told us this between pints of "ale". (Tastes nasty but makes me feel twirly. I like "ale") We ended up at the "North Shield Inn" and questioned the owner Olga. She said that Mirrick was married but madly in love with her and then disappeared. Deciding that it was too late to continue, we rented rooms and food for the night. The rest of the night seemed very fuzzy, twirly and hot. (Weave be praised, no nightmares!)

The day began with food and friends, ready for more adventure. A theft in the middle of the night was the talk of the town this morning. We went to talk to Mirrick's wife, Tomara, who owns the "6 Windows Boarding House" (That poor woman) she wasn't making any sense and told us about her husband sleeping in the attic. We spoke to the local Constables and had them search the 6 Windows. Her husband was a skeleton in a box in the attic. Tomara was arguing with the box as it and she was taken out of the building. (Very sad, she lost her mind after she killed her husband)

We met up with Rin, Breer, and Fenwick as they were headed to the "Talking Troll". Ketra told me that Kalen was a bad man and we are to confront him for making another person steal for him. Kalen admitted that he committed this act and Breer made a deal with Kalen for a partnership in his "Theater". He gave us two magic bags for our silence. (Wondrous Weave, the gifts we receive) I'm confused about deceiving people but I guess there is a reason for it, Ketra will explain soon enough.

As the night descended upon Triboar our party was taking a late meal at the Inn, Fenwick gave to me a magical Unicorn (It Is Amazing! I Love It!) when the Town was attacked by Monsters of Fire and Hate (Breer called them Magmen and Orogs) The Magmen, under the directions of the Orogs, attacked the buildings, setting them alight. The town was in a panic, but heroes came out to defend Triboar. Fire and screams brought tears to my eyes (so many frightened people) but I could see my friends defending and fighting, Rin and his wolven call, helped stop the spread of the flames but at the cost of so many noble creatures (makes me sad to think about it). Frank bravely charging the biggest of the beasts (orogs both). Breer, bolts and blades flashing in the light of the fires. Fenwick, using Faith to disrupt and confuse the monsters (so clever).

I felt the Weave call for Fire against the Orogs. (the Magmen were born of fire, silly to use it against them) The Weave was strong this evening and boulders of fire were called and they answered with greedy destruction. I saw one of those horrible Magmen running for the Inn, where my fantastic, and well loved, gift was defenseless against any fires cruelly set. I shooed it away from the building in my strongest tone and it dissolved at my words. (Ketra was right, words are very powerful). With the last of the Magmen destroyed and fires contained, we could hear the terrified screams of more people and the call of "Giant" being cast on the wind.

Odes to Frank's Split Pants

The stout dwarves of Mithril Hall,
Are always quite good in a brawl,
But don’t let their pants split,
Or you’ll take a bad hit,
From the sight of a hammer so small!

Once in the midst of a fight,
I saw such a horrible sight!
Worse than any bugbear 
Was dwarven butt hair,
That set friend and foe to flight!

The Mind of A Tinkerer
Journal Entry 2

This town of Triboar is quite interesting, a town full of travelers and the community that lives here all seen to hate the Lionshare Coster. On an investigation we found a rather obnoxious and unkind dwarf that owns a smithy known as Foehammers Forge, he created a grappling hook for a thief..and preceded to threaten us with the owners attention. Apparently that same night, someone burgled the forge…what a mess. I made Ysma a clockwork unicorn, she reminds me of our little Aldina…I miss her, and you my Caramottin. I pray to Garl things are done quickly so I may return to the emporium and run it without fear of insurance collectors. We leave for Silverymoon soon. I shall continue this journal as best I can.


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