Morak Ur'gray

Innkeeper from Nightstone


Morak Ur’gray was quick to lead when the cloud giants attacked Nightstone. Though merely an innkeeper, this friendly dwarf rallied the villagers and led them to to what he thought would be safety for his neighbors. Little did he know a band of goblins (aided by two Ogres) has recently moved in to these caves and they were captured.

Morak feels horrible and blames himself for failing to keep the villagers safe. Helplessly, he watched them taken one-by-one from that pit where they were held, to be eaten by their monsterous captives. The last victim of the goblins was his good friend, and proprietor of the Lionshield Coster trading post,Darthag Ulgar. Darthag was eaten by rats for the amusement of the goblin boss Hark and his wives. For this, Morak feels personally responsible and asks your party to Alaestra Ulgar and deliver the sad news of her ex-husband’s passing. She owns a similar trading post in Triboar.


Owner of the Nightstone Inn. Unfortunately, the cloud giants destroyed his establishment along with most of the village. He will have his work cut out for him rebuilding his inn, as well as being a support to the villagers who have lost everything, including the Lady Nandar who kept her people safe.

Morak Ur'gray