Ysma's Journal of Discovery Part 5

On the road to delivery

Lady Rosolio was very kind to us when we brought back the nobles and her necklace, and she gave us treasure! Frank had a quiet conversation with Lady Rosolio and he had to excuse himself and told us that he would join us later. My friends gave me a gift; the Bag of Tricks.(I'm going to call it The Bag of Friendly Animals) Ketra met with someone named "Hireling". She called herself Ace.

We left Yartar to go deliver the saddles from Triboar. a few days later we were stopped on the road by a group of goblins asking for tolls from us. They attacked Ketra, so I blew them up! Apparently they had a hill giant friend named Gaah. Blubbery and foul, it charged at us. Breer brought it down with an arrow, and it skidded to a stop in front of us. A lone goblin ran away. Rin caught up quickly and brought it down with a single well placed arrow.

I decided to feed some of my friends, so Braydaal, Woofasil, and Yawnee stayed with the cart and horses and fed upon the giant. We went up the trail to investigate. a small jumbled campsite where the goblins and giant divided the spoils of their business. Rin left to find out where the trail went to. We followed behind at a good distance and caught up very quickly. We saw an ancient ruin with a set of giant doors set into a stone frame. We decided to go inside and explore. (What fun!)

Inside, we found what looked like an entryway to an ancient temple, with a dagger in red paint inscribed on the floor. There were a few goblins and a bugbear in residence. Breer sent in a friend he made, and it exploded in a flash of light. My friends ran in and slaughtered the goblins with little resistance. More bugbears flooded in from another part of the temple and were overcome by my friends and fire.

After checking the rest of the ruins we came across a barricaded door at the bottom of a set of stairs. We cleared away the piled boxes and other debris to reveal a set of double doors leading into the oldest part of the temple. Breer decided to inspect and open the door, he was hit with a bolt of lightning. (Magical traps are a thing I'm told) We decided to open the door anyway.(curiosity was overwhelming) The door revealed a darkened room lit by braziers, featured with wide pillars and unmoving shadowy figures. One shadow stepped out from a side alcove in the room and shot at Breer.

I blew up the room.

The party ran into the room to confront the Unknown person. With a growing sense of dread, we discovered that the person we defended ourselves against was a Medusa, hair of writhing serpents and powerful. With a baleful gaze, full of hate, she turned Breer and Ace to stone.

She tried to negotiate for her life, but I needed her to be punished for hurting my Family. We soon overcame her and stood over her lifeless body. I've been crying for hours over the loss of my friend Breer, but Fenwick said there were ways to restore him. (The Weave be praised) We gathered up what things we could and prepared to move along.



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