Missing A Wife

Mind of a Tinkerer Part 4

Ah Caramottin, if only you could have seen Breer in your dress, modified for stealth and arsenal both…he looked as charming as a gnomish bard at Tinkerfest! After he left with the rest of the crew, I went out in search of information, as well as assistance….It was a long night, but at last the boat docked and I followed Ketra, Rin, and a strange man with a woman in a purple gown. I made her a very kind offer that she just couldnt refuse, and she became my friend for a time. We found the cause of this towns troubles, or at least, the most evident ones. It was a strange journey down the sewers, and many many fish folk perished in the name of Garl Glittergold. Ah, this mucus is irritating, I need to finish combing through here to find evidence of that damned owner of the boat having a connection with this monstrosity. I will write more soon Cara…as always, I love you…I hope you can forgive this old gnome some day.



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