A Tinkerer's Madness

Report to Ketra

For Lady Ketra's Eyes Only:

Report Number:  0100011101101110011011110110110101100101001000000101001101110100011110010110110001100101

As instructed, we made our way to Noanar's Hold to deliver the harnesses, along the way we encountered what seemed to be a large wolf that was very ferocious, it put up quite a fight but we eventually scared it off, as it simply disappeared…it is possible it was also a spectre. Further information will be provided below in that regard. It was late in the night and we made our way to the town shortly after, the guards, if you can call them that, were alerted to the boom of one of Ysma's fire balls during the conflict. We obtained lodgings and found out that we should not go outside, however, the area and its inhabitants had Rin & myself wary, so, after a short meditation, Rin made it outside to spend time with the horses and keep them safe. He was approached at that point by a little girl, who he tried to assist, though, she grappled him and attempted to bring him to another location, he made it into the lodgings and we managed to subdue her, only to find out she was a spectre of some sort, thus the assumption that the wolf was as well a spectre. We then spent the rest of the night in the inn, and made our way in the morning to the hunting lodge where Amareth was located, the one who requested the saddles. More to that shortly, after communing with Garl I found out that this spectre is a type of undead that is most commonly freed by either burning the bones, or burying them properly. I used the location device that Breer & I mounted onto the wagon to find where children's bones might be found…they were located in the hunting lodge, in, not on the grounds, but in. I could not allow this to pass, so, we investigated and turned the saddles in, I double checked by using the device again, and they were once more, located in the hunting lodge. After minor convincing, we as a group (Breer being hesitant) decided to resolve the issue, Rin & Breer climbed the building after Breer did some recon work, we found many indicators that this is defiled, and upon detecting evil, we found that the entire place was desecrated. Ysma asked what we were on about, and upon informing her, she went to the door and pounded on it, this acted as a distraction for Rin & Breer, while I stayed with her. After a time, we managed to locate the master of the house and defeat him, as well as find the bones and give them proper rights. We also incinerated the house to cleanse the grounds. I am certain Rin & others will be able to provide more detail, however, my soul is horrowed by this and I wish to meditate, any questions you have I will be happy to answer.


In Garl's Name,

Fennwick Fitzlebottom, Owner & Proprieter of the Fitzlebottom Emporium.

Cleric of the order of Tricksters, Beloved of Garl Glittergold.



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